Shipment of iron and steel products

We are qualified to transport and ship any type of iron and steel products, having different weight and dimension (coils, steel sheets and plates, pipes, bars, etc.etc.).
Our staff is well experienced to draw up loading and stowing plans for any kind of shipment. We carefully supervise all lashing and securing operations inside the ship’s holds.

Unloading of raw materials

On behalf of our Customers, we currently discharge more than 300,000 mtons of raw materials, such as iron scrap, chrome steel, cast iron, nickel, etc.etc.
We coordinate the flow of cargo to and from several warehouses, in accordance with the kind of material and its necessities. We look after the loading/unloading operations onto/from railcars and trucks.


At all main Italian ports, we operate inside warehouses to perform all kind of cargo stuffing into containers.
During the years, we have built up a specific experience in handling this kind of operation. Our surveyors are constantly on the site, to make sure that our procedures are strictly followed, according to each type of cargo.

Plant engineering

Our staff has acquired a specific experience in arranging the transport by rail, road and sea of any plant engineering, including oversized and overweight pieces.

Other Services

Our Company is also well organized to offer the following additional services:

  • any kind of customs formalities
  • ships or goods surveys
  • draft survey
  • storage
  • packing also with smoked wood as per standard ispm15
  • transports by land and/or by rail
  • marine insurance