Our Services

At Gast Spedizioni we offer a wide range of transport services by sea, air and land to and from any origin/destination in the world. By partnering with qualified and certified service providers, we are well equipped to manage container transport on a door-to-door basis as well as to handle out of gauge goods of any size and weight.

Ocean Freight

Gast Spedizioni specializes in the handling and forwarding of any type of cargo by sea, containerized or oversized, perishable goods, bulk goods, iron & steel products, and rolling stock.


Gast Spedizioni handles air shipments to and from all major airports in the world, offering tailor made logistics solutions for the optimization of the entire supply chain process.

Trucking and Intermodal Freight Transport

By selecting trusted & certified carriers, Gast Spedizioni is able to offer an efficient door-to-door service not only within the Italian territory but also in Europe and beyond.


Rely on our Shipbroking division, chartering full vessels or bringing together companies with cargo to ship and liners whom vessels are able to transport it.

Warehousing and Logistics Services

We can provide a wide range of warehousing services, in compliance with the current regulations and respecting the highest standards of quality and safety, find out more.

Cargo Insurance

To complete and integrate transport services, we can offer insurance policies and carry out surveys on your goods in case of a claim.

Customs Brokerage

At Gast Spedizioni we are able to carry out all types of customs operations for our customers, we can also provide customs and tax warehouses.